Welcome to Peace & Prosperity

 Welcome to Peace & Prosperity

Inspiring, enlightening and uplifting professionals to realise their potential

Peace and Prosperity – Corporate Coaching provides 1:1 and group coaching for:

  • Women in traditionally male-dominated professions
  • Financial planners and Business Development Managers
  • School principals
  • Middle-level managers ready to go to the next level
  • Coaches – getting organised and building businesses
  • People in transition – new career or new direction

What is coaching?

Coaching is a way to:

  • fast track your growth
  • learn new ways of thinking and acting
  • achieve more with less energy and less fear

When you have a coach you are:

  • encouraged in your dreams
  • challenged to be your best
  • provided with accountability for your progress

Founding of Peace and Prosperity

Peace and Prosperity was founded by me, Paula Loveday in 2004 and was created out of my desire to bring a ‘sense of possibility’ to people.

My vision is to work with people, partner with them and inspire them as they increase their peace (sense of calm, energy, belief) and their prosperity (wealth of money and time).

Why coaching?

I had noticed in the corporate world that there were many very wealthy people BUT many of these were stressed, burnt out or just plain dissatisfied. There were lots of prosperous people with no joy and no sense of peace.

Through coaching my own staff and working on my own personal foundation I found that it is possible to have both – to be wealthy AND healthy. To have lots of money AND lots of time and energy to enjoy it.

I found that all you need is someone to believe in you, to give you the time and support to achieve what you truly want. It doesn’t have to be hard, if you have a partner who is there for you. I believe I can be that partner.

My business, Peace and Prosperity, partners with people, coaching them to realise the dream of Health AND Wealth, of Peace AND Prosperity.